Maui’s Best Windows and Doors Installation Services.

Maui’s Best Windows and Doors Installation Services

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Window Glazing 101

In order to understand the term window glazing or reglazing lets break it down: As a verb, “to glaze” is to install glass into a window, wall, or door. Meanwhile, “to reglaze” is to replace glass. The word “glazing” or “window glazing” is a term used to describe the glass itself that is [...]

Why Your Windows Are Leaking

In homes with windows that have been in place for more than 30 years, leaky windows is not unusual. When you have windows leaking, whether it’s because of wear and tear or poor window installation, you will face issues such as: Conditioned air leaks Heat loss or unwanted heat infiltration Condensation on the windowsill or floor Mould [...]

Window Replacement VS. Retrofit

Homeowners are influenced to upgrade their windows by a number of factors, including energy cost savings, the need for better insulation and improved comfort, or simply to reduce their carbon footprint by decreasing their energy costs. Still, some may choose retrofit strategies over replacement to prolong the life of their existing windows, to [...]

The Benefits to New or Replacement Windows

Window Technology Provides Many Benefits Gone are the days of simple wood frames with single-pane glass. These days, windows do more than simply bring light and airflow into a space. Advances in window technology provide homeowners with ample benefits, including sound reduction and enhanced energy efficiency, not to mention the wide variety of features, options and window [...]

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