A storm door is an exterior door installed in front of a main exterior door, primarily for additional protection from the elements. They’re typically used on front entry doors, but can be installed on any exterior door.

Most consist of an aluminum frame that holds a glass panel, a screen, or a combination of the two. Some models let you replace the glass panel with a screen for ventilation in warm weather, then switch back to the glass when the cold weather returns. Other models are equipped with built-in screens that roll out when needed. They’re available with full glass or half glass panels and come in a variety of frame colors and widths. The concept might sound simple, but these doors are surprisingly multi-functional.

Here are the functions of a storm door:

  • Weather protection: A storm door acts as another layer of insulation between the interior of your home and the inclement weather outside, slowing down unwanted heat loss from conduction. This is especially valuable for uninsulated aluminum and steel doors.
  • Door protection: protects the door itself, preventing damage from rain, snow, and wind-blown debris. If you have a high-end wooden door or a recently painted door, a storm door will keep it in good condition longer, extending the time between repainting or replacing the door.
  • A cleaner home: A storm door also keeps bugs, dust, and other debris out of your home. This reduces your risk of infestations and cuts down on your cleaning work.
  • A better view for your pets: With a storm door, you can safely leave your main door open to give your dog or cat another view to the outside world, keeping them entertained and calmer.
  • Additional security: As a side benefit, a locking storm door puts another layer of security between you and the outside world. It can slow down would-be intruders and let you feel safer opening the door to talk to someone on your porch.
  • Improved airflow and lighting: A storm door with a screen allows you to leave your main door open during good weather. You can now enjoy that breeze without inviting in bugs and curious animals or letting your pets out. Better airflow also reduces your reliance on air conditioning.

So if your exterior door is an older or low-cost model, then by adding a storm door you can improve your home’s energy efficiency, cleanliness, and security while also bringing you better airflow and lighting. For a modern, energy-efficient door, you don’t have to add on a storm door, but you might still appreciate the added light, airflow, and security it brings.

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