Tired of settling for the same kind of holiday decoration on your front door year after year? Try something mesmerizing and captivating this time, with these ideas:

Unique boxed topiary

Get sturdy papers and wrap them around gift boxes. Then, tie a ribbon around each box and perch on top of a footed urn. Doing this can lead to a somewhat whimsical topiary twist that is both unique and beautiful!

Mesmerizing door frame

Instead of using a wreath, rely on a picture frame that is old. Take your photo frame and use it to decorate your holiday door.

Fun ball wreath

Show off your hobbies and crafts creatively. If you adore handmade treasures, for example, you may want to group a number of balls covered with yarn into a fun wreath.

Contemporary holiday elements

Take everything to a whole another level by introducing elements that are contemporary. Green apples and pheasant feathers are two things that can inspire your front door ensemble palette in a sophisticated way. While pheasant feathers look somewhat edgy, they impart a sense of class, too. Perfect for wreath, topiary trio, or garland.

Gentle candled walkway

Candles can set a welcoming tone like nothing else can. Make your guests feel welcome by illuminating the walkway with the help of votives made of glass. Make sure that you intersperse greenery sprigs and berries to make the ambience gentle.

Unexpected layered porch

Create a mixture of traditional styles with unexpected colors and themes. For instance, you can decorate your porch using traditional ice skates, lush green wooden clogs, bountiful bows, and twig trees. You can even merge a plaid pillow.

Personalized welcome monogram

Get your guests intrigued the moment they appear on your door. Create a monogram using wood, or some other similar material. Personalizing your monogram should be easy; just make sure that you keep in mind the overall theme of your holiday decor. You can use sans-serif to craft the linage of your family, or you can use any other font that excites you and complements you decor.

Refreshing local garland

Forget about going standard when it comes to garland. Everyone does spruce, fir, or pine. Try something new, something exciting! Look around your area and try to find different kinds of local evergreens.

Sparkling architectural details

Tap into the radiant shimmer of traditional Christmas lights by nicely wrapping them around the railings, columns and other similar architectural details of your house to create a magical ambience.

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