From modern to farmhouse, black windows appear in almost every design style, and for good reason. These window frames are the perfect balance between timeless and trendy. The sleek, bold look of black window frames makes any home stand out amongst the rest and instantly increases curb appeal. Learn more about the benefits of black window frames, why you shouldn’t paint your window frames black yourself, and how to achieve this beautiful look for your home.

The Benefits of Black Window Frames

Some may think black window frames are trendy, and although they are popular right now, the style has been around since the 19th century when they were commonly used in warehouses, factories, and greenhouses. Today, they can be seen anywhere from modern apartment buildings to farmhouse-chic homesteads. Their versatility has helped launch them into popularity. Their neutral yet bold color simultaneously creates classic, clean lines and a wow factor that complements just about any design style. Here are just a few more reasons why black window frames are a smart and stylish choice for your home:

  • Black window frames give your home a bold, modern touch: Make a statement with striking black frames. Because white window frames are most common, your house will stand out and look refreshed with black frames. And black never goes out of style. So, although they can help create a more modern look, they will remain timeless due to their neutral, classic tone.
  • Black pairs well with any color: Black is extremely versatile. You can create stunning contrast by pairing black window frames with white siding. Or, choose a bold color for your home and let it shine with neutral black window frames. They can even bring a sleek, modern look to brick and stone.
  • Black window frames create architectural interest: Black frames highlight the shape of your windows and establish meaningful focal points on the exterior of your home. The clean, sleek lines can even make your windows appear larger, as the grilles and sash seem to disappear due to their neutral color.

Why You Shouldn’t Paint Your Window Frames

It’s possible to paint your window frames on your own, but it is not recommended. What might seem like a more affordable option will end up costing you in the long run. There are many risks involved when painting your window frames:

  • If you don’t prime and clean your window frames properly, you run the risk of your painstaking paint job flaking and peeling.
  • If you use the incorrect primer, you could cause serious damage to your windows. Many popular primers have chemicals that can soften the vinyl and ruin its structure. On top of that, this will likely void your warranty and you will be financially responsible for repairs or replacements.
  • Using black paint causes the window to retain heat, which could cause the frame to warp and the glass to crack, and you will also void your warranty.