If it wasn’t obvious double paned windows differ from single paned windows as they have two panes of glass instead of one. Double paned windows include two panes of glass with a thin layer of separation in between. Often the thin layer of space between the two panes is filled with insulating gas. Single pane windows are less expensive than double paned windows. However, in the long run, double paned windows save homeowners more money.

Here are some benefits of installing double paned windows in your home:

Save on Energy Costs

By reducing your energy usage with double paned windows, you will reduce your energy costs. It’s predicted that energy costs could be reduced by up to 30 percent.

While double paned windows do initially cost more than single paned, the reduction in your energy bill over time makes this a good investment. With quality double paned windows, you should expect to see savings in your energy bill immediately.

Better for the Environment

Double paned windows are a better option to make your home environmentally friendly. Because double paned windows use less energy, they positively impact the environment when compared to single paned windows. Less energy use means less greenhouses gases in our environment.

Also, energy efficient homes are more desirable for homebuyers. In some areas tax incentives are available when you make home improvements that increase energy efficiency.

Insulate Your Home from Noise

Noise pollution from outside traffic, construction and neighbors can leak into your home. Double paned windows offer a thicker barrier between you and the outside. This added protection not only reduces energy usage, but also helps keep out unwanted noise. Noise pollution can impact your sleep, productivity and mood. By decreasing the level of unwanted noise in your home, you may also increase your health.

Stabilize Your Home’s Temperature

The energy reduction with double paned windows is caused by the added insulation. Because the hot or cold air from the outside temperature is less able to penetrate your home, the inside temperature will remain more stable.

By stabilizing your home’s temperature, your home’s energy efficiency will increase. You may find that you don’t need to heat or cool your home in the same way as with single pane windows.

More Energy Efficient

Double paned windows are much more energy efficient than single paned windows. Experts suggest that in warm climates that double paned windows can reduce energy usage by up to 18 percent.

In cold climates, or when Florida experiences cold fronts, double paned windows will help keep out the cold weather and keep in your warmer temperatures. The added insulation helps make double paned windows more energy efficient for your home.

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