Bay Windows

Unobstructive | Great cross-ventilation | Great amount of sunlight

Bay windows are projection windows that have at least three panels. Typically, the middle panel is completely fixed. Meanwhile, the angled panels on each of the sides can be casement windows or hung windows (with sashes that slide upwards).

If a bay window is fitted with hung windows on the two sides, it can be considered as unobstructive – similar to slider windows and end vent slider windows. With hung windows, only half of the window is open at a time. However, being on angled panels, these windows have a better chance to catch a breeze and can also provide some cross-ventilation.

Bay windows are large combination windows, meaning that these kitchen windows let in an excellent amount of sunlight.

One last benefit of choosing bay windows as kitchen windows is that it gives additional interior space such as a comfortable nook where one can place the sink, a small herb garden, or additional seating.

Casement Windows

Obstructive | Great ventilation | Good amount of sunlight

Casement kitchen windows open outwards on a hinge, similar to how a door opens. This means that these kitchen windows are within the “obstructive” category. However, if you have no intention of having a window box for plants and your kitchen is not adjacent to an outdoor walkway, casement windows could be a great choice for your kitchen.

The angled sashes on casement kitchen windows, once open, can catch a breeze fairly easily. The window also opens completely. All-in-all, these provide excellent ventilation.

Last but not least, because casement windows are typically installed in pairs and have large panels of glass, they can give a good amount of sunlight to your newly renovated kitchen.

Sliding or Slider Windows

Unobstructive | Good ventilation | Good amount of sunlight

Sliding windows, also called slider windows, are unobstructive in operation because the window sashes slide horizontally on a track. This means that this style is one of the best kitchen windows if you want to grow herbs on a window box or if the window is facing a walkway.

Slider windows also give good ventilation. However, only half of the window can be open at a time. Compared to the other windows that enable larger window openings (end vent sliders, bay windows, and casement windows), slider windows give less ventilation.

This style of kitchen windows also lets in a good amount of sunlight thanks to its horizontal configuration. There are, however, larger kitchen window styles on this list that let in more sunlight by virtue of their added size and surface area.

End Vent Slider Windows

Unobstructive | Great cross-ventilation | Great amount of sunlight

Having sliding sashes means that the end vent slider windows are unobstructive. The difference, however, is that end vent slider windows have two sashes that can open on opposite ends with a fixed glass component in the middle.

This design means two things: great ventilation and great sunlight penetration.

Because the two sashes can be opened at the same time, this window type allows for cross-ventilation. Being on two ends also mean that the opened parts are more likely to catch a breeze.

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