Most people do not spare much thought when it comes to picking the color of their front door. But, according to color experts, the color of the front door says a lot about the homeowner.

According to a national-level color expert, a house with an orange entry door sends the message that its owner is an extroverted person, who is fun loving and friendly! That means, choosing the bold shade is not a great idea for those who are somewhat introverted.

So, what is the color of your front door, and what does it say about you?

Let us find out…


Red is a color that has a knack for standing out in a crowd. So, a front door which is painted red indicates that the owner of the house likes attention. In other words, a red front door shouts – not so implicitly – ‘look at me’! Painting the front door red is, therefore, a pretty bold step for anyone.


White is the most serene color there is, and it has associations with cleanliness and neatness. A front door which has white color implies that the homeowner is an organized person who likes orderliness.


A person who likes green is likely to hold traditional values. Other than that, green indicates that the owner of the house cares about the community more than the average person does, and also, cares about the house.


Black is the right color for those who are reserved. The timeless color sends the message that the owner of the house is consistent in approach toward life, and is somewhat conservative in day to day affairs.


Blue is the favorite color of those who have an easy personality, or an attitude that can be described as somewhat ‘go-with-the-flow’. If you are a blue person, chances are that people flock toward you quite easily.


Yellow has a strong association with leadership. This means, painting the front door with yellow sends the message to the world that the owner is a leader.


Purple is for those who love to be ‘free spirit’s. A front door that has purple color indicates that the homeowner loves to dream big and is comfortable taking different risks in life.

Now that you know which front door color sends what message,
how are you going to paint yours?

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