A double-pane window is a window that has two panes of glass set into each individual frame. The two glass panes have a small space between them, creating an air pocket made to better insulate your home. This air pocket prevents the temperature of the air outside your home from affecting the temperature of the air inside your home.The space between the the two panes also has a desiccant designed to prevent condensation from forming.

Here are some of the primary benefits of choosing double-pane windows for your home:

Prevent Window Condensation

If you’ve ever lived in a home with single-pane windows, then you’re familiar with the heavy condensation that builds up during the colder months. This happens because of the differing interior and exterior temperatures.

While condensation on a window may seem like a small matter of annoyance, it is actually a sign of a much larger issue. When cold temperatures enter your home via single panes, it creates an inefficient heat transfer in your home.

Glass Doctor is a leading specialist in dual-pane window installation and replacement. If you have pre-existing double-pane windows with damaged glass, we can install double-pane glass replacements in your frame at a surprisingly low and cost efficient price. Just schedule a free in-home consultation to discuss options within your budget.

Insulate Your Windows

Double-pane windows provide your home with superior insulation by keeping cold out in the winter and heat out in the summer.

One important factor to be aware of is that if the seals on your double-pane windows are broken, then so are the insulating properties of that window. Some signs of a broken or damaged seal include:

  • Condensation between the glass
  • Increasing rust build up
  • Windows that appear foggy or milky

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