In order to understand the term window glazing or reglazing lets break it down:

As a verb, “to glaze” is to install glass into a window, wall, or door. Meanwhile, “to reglaze” is to replace glass.

The word “glazing” or “window glazing” is a term used to describe the glass itself that is incorporated into a window frame or wall. In extension, “glazed” is used to describe how many panes of glass a window has. Consider the following examples:

  • A window with only one pane (layer) of glass = single-glazed
  • A window with two panes (layers) of glass = double-glazed
  • A window with three panes (layers) of glass = triple-glazed

Both definitions of window glazing are related to increasing energy efficiency. On one hand, reglazing old windows can help stop leaks – especially when the glass is already warped or cracked. While leaks are present, windows of any kind cannot be energy efficient.

On the other hand, when shopping for an entirely brand new window, being mindful of window glazing options (i.e. number of layers of glass) will have a bearing on the home’s energy efficiency. As a general rule, the more glass layers a window has, the more insulation and energy efficiency it can provide.

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