Homeowners are influenced to upgrade their windows by a number of factors, including energy cost savings, the need for better insulation and improved comfort, or simply to reduce their carbon footprint by decreasing their energy costs. Still, some may choose retrofit strategies over replacement to prolong the life of their existing windows, to preserve their home’s original materials, or to delay taking such valuable resources to landfills.

Retrofits prolong the life of your existing windows, but this may not necessarily translate to considerable gains in energy savings. However, the upfront investment costs can be a key driver in influencing the homeowners’ decision between retrofit and replacement. Without a professional energy analysis, however, it can be hard to make informed decisions regarding whether certain window retrofit or replacement measures will pay off in the short or long term.

Give your home a makeover

If you notice signs of aging windows, you should make a decision between retrofitting your existing windows and replacing them. Consider the window’s repairability, longevity and maintenance of the retrofit strategy, and your budget. Get an expert energy audit to help steer your decision and maximize your ROI. But if your windows have been in place since the last millennium, you should definitely replace them to enjoy the benefits of recent window technologies.

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